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Live! by FatCap

In its mission to showcase all forms taken by the current street art and graffiti scene, FatCap launched “Live!”, a 100% street-art platform which brings to you the best urban art actions around the world, almost instantly.

Our journalists cover every significant art installation, using only beautiful and high-quality pictures, so that you stay up-to-date with worldwide street-art, while having the best surfing experience.

Giant walls, 3D installations, audacious or controversial pieces, collaborations with artists and events, FatCap Live! is on all fronts to give you an overview of what’s awesome at the moment in the international street art scene.

Go to FatCap Live!

Uglar on FatCap Live!

Sly2 on FatCap Live!

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APR 20 2011  Category: FatCap News by Lindsay T.

A Little Twitter for Everyone

FatCap (English)
FatCap (French)
Syd Davies
Vince Morgan


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The Growing Fatcap Family

Hi all! Jacqui here. I’m the new editorial assistant working with the FatCap team on the US side of the Atlantic. Recently, we’ve been working to bring over more French content to our English site. With the help of the entire FatCap team from both continents, I translate some awesome articles and artist interviews originally published in French so that they’re available to our English readers. Hopefully you caught some of these newly published articles such as:

Keep your eyes out for even more new stuff coming up featuring artists and graffiti from Asia.

Also in the works are interviews with some of the fabulous female artists of the collective Younity. We’ve already gotten a taste of what The Younity has to offer in talking with funky fresh female writer Shiro. It’s amazing how she manages to balance her passion for caring for others by being a nurse and her activeness in the global graffiti scene.

Younity artists aren’t the only ones we’ve got our eyes on: also on the drawing board are interviews from Portugal and even from right here in my Los Angeles backyard. That’s not to mention all the new articles featuring interviews, photos, and videos from around the world that we come out with every week. Get highlights of the most recent content directly to your inbox from our newsletter. You can sign up directly on our Facebook page. Be sure not to miss out on what’s coming up!

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Editorial team

Words from the FatCap team! Join us!

FatCap is always interested in covering more regions, events, exhibits and artists that are still unknown around the world. If you want to write about street art and graffiti, take pictures, videos, or just meet us in Paris, New York, Philadelphia, San francisco, Barcelona or Casablanca… it’s here, drop us a line!


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FEB 27 2011  Category: Graffiti world by Lindsay T.

Sunny Sunday in Buenos Aires

The FatCap team will be bringing more to you in the coming weeks on Buenos Aires, Argentina.  It has a unique vibe and its artists have a totally different (read: refreshing) perspective to the streets than anywhere else in the world.  Today we caught up with Aire, Ever and Jaz as they continued working on this piece in a small park in Palermo.  The park may have been small but the wall was massive!


Ever (working on a piece with Poeta) & Jaz (in the background)





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Community Worldwide

It’s been a while since we posted on the FatCap blog, so we decided to give you an update on the changes that have been going on over on our side. Since we launched the new FatCap, we have been managing both English and French content. With the addition of a few key players in the US we’re going to be better able to bring you content from the French site in English and visa versa. If you didn’t catch them, we’ve published a whole bunch of articles that were both originally written in French, now published in English for you to read.

Actually being in America has made a difference for our site, but do not fret, we keep our focus on covering artists and crews worldwide.  In addition to expanding in the US, we have also reached out to writers from Latin America to start bringing us more than stories on Chilean Miners. Not that those men didn’t give us all an epic tale to recount, but we preferred El Mural Ferroviario that Denegro1 reported on from Santiago.

The FatCap team has also been hard at work forming key partnerships with teams of photographers and artists that are making paramount contributions to the graffiti and street-art scenes. This means more coverage, shared news and exclusive content. For instance, you may have noticed that we ran an article from The Street Spot, the home to photographer’s Becki Fuller and Luna Park.


And so I can tell you a story about how this all came about. Our first encounter with Becki was for an afternoon as she gave us a tour of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Syd was in New York from Barcelona, and I trained up from Philly to meet this dedicated, quirky and prolific package of a person. On a rainy, but perfectly NY fall afternoon, we walked the streets, past abandoned buildings, art galleries, and workshops. Though the entire FatCap team has been in NY plenty of times, it was exciting to see her pages and pages of photos on Flickr coming alive. We even happened upon Julius from Laid Back. After that choice afternoon, the ladies of The Street Spot have lent us their photos for our article on The Underbelly Project and for Community Serviced, and put us in contact with Sina from Papergirl NYC. If you haven’t checked out these articles, you’re really missing out.

The team is also hard at work to bring more artist interviews to your eyes and ears. We listen to our readers, and those of you that have reached out have told us that these interviews are what you like the most. This fall we’ve given you the juice on M-City, Mark Bode, Mr Puppet, Sea and Roa. We couldn’t have asked for a better lineup, but you’ll want to stay tuned through the winter, because we got it!

Things did not slow down from there because, if you didn’t catch it, we were let in to a world of artist residencies by following AM & DCAP on their own in Paris. Documenting the real experience of American and French artists as they collide, and from a female perspective, brought a whole new twist to what FatCap is trying to bring to you on the daily. This is a community that we’re all a part of if you haven’t noticed, and it seemed to come full circle that AM would sync up with Banga, and eventually Vince when he returned to Paris from Casablanca.

We’re on the move, but always thinking of you dear. Promise to keep you posted more often.

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Connect with Facebook!

Facebook Connect on FatCap

As you may or may not have heard and read, there was a conference in late April 2010 for Facebook Developers. Long story short, Facebook announced it will (once again) make its model evolve, this time into a decentralized social platform. One of the innovation they presented was a new Facebook Connect layer, which is an application that makes possible for Facebook users to log-into any website with their Facebook account. We thought about it, then started to write some code, spent the night, then came to totally connect FatCap and Facebook, whilst keeping a permanent focus on privacy. Hence this article, where we go deeper into details, especially on the latter point.

Why we chose to connect

We are web users and producers for more than 14 years now. And there is a thing that we always felt bad about, this thing is the login/registration process of any website.

We used this experience to provide the best experience possible for registration on FatCap, using very modern techniques of auto-completion, smart geo-location (to select the default country), so that the form would be fillable in less than 40 seconds.

But still, you have to check your email afterwards, validate your account, come back and login with your email adress and password. We feel it is overwhelming, given that you probably already have a Facebook account, a Twitter account, a Gmail, maybe even a Spotify and a Flickr account. In brief, it’s too much passwords to remember. And Facebook connect makes it possible not to have to remember your FatCap account anymore.

How it works?

When you visit FatCap, you have a login page. Now, there is a “Connect with Facebook” button on the bottom of the page. The first time you click it, you will have a Facebook page asking you if you authorize FatCap to use some of your personal data. Here is a list of what we need:

- Your name (but you will be able to overwrite it permanently when setting your nickname)
- Your profile picture (but it will disappear as soon as you load an avatar)
- Your birthday, but we retreat it and only keep the year, exactly like when you register on FatCap
- Your email adress, because we need it to send you notifications,
- Your gender (cool for personalization)

And that’s it. Whatever additional information we may have, we do not use them. Once you have given us the right to use those data, we redirect you to a light subscription form, with only three fields: nickname (defaults to your Facebook name), city, and you also have to agree to our terms and conditions.

Once you validate, there is no additional verification, you will not receive an email, you are just logged-in, and can start interacting immediatly. You also have access to the exact same functionality as “in house members”, meaning you have a dashboard, you can load pictures, videos, you can comment on everything, etc.

But the best part is when you come back. Because you have already let us interact with your facebook account, you will only have to click the blue button “connect with facebook”, and you will be immeditaly logged into FatCap. No login, nor password to enter. All it takes is about half a second. Great, isn’t it?

Why it’s a delicate subject

This new Facebook is at the center of a major controversy, given that Facebook, with 500M members in the world, is in the position to gather enough data to profile almost anyone in the world. They will not present it that way, but they will definitely end up doing something with all the data provided by the websites using their “social graph”. And experts agree to say they will use those data some day for advertising profiling purposes. By using Facebook connect, anywhere on the web and not only on FatCap, you should always keep in mind that you’re also saying to facebook that you are a visitor of this website. From that fact, Facebook can use your interest on street-art (or cars, if you use facebook connect on a automotive website), to adjust your profile (that they already do with anything you like, like pages or groups, etc..)

This concerns almost everyone. But what is also important is that if you connect your account through Facebook, it is extremely easy for any authority requiring a database extract (never happened so far, knocking on wood) to track down your profile, so your name, etc… (we do store your facebook ID in our database). What they will do with this name and FB account, you can only know, depending on what you’ve loaded on it.

So, why do we use it given our focus on privacy is our #1 priority? Well, mostly because 75% of our traffic are not artists. And also because in the 25% that do are artists, only a few of them, maybe 5%, have real illegal artistic activities. Many artists who perform on legal walls, sell canvases in galleries, etc.. have no problem to let people know their name, and simply don’t have anything to hide.

We also made the conclusion, through our own Facebook experience, that most illegal writers create separate profile, dedicated to their activity of writer. These people are clever enough not to give any personal information on those profiles, so they are “kind of” protected.

So, we are confident that most people won’t risk anything using the Facebook connect (except for the use of data for advertising by Facebook, but every 500M member are in the same spot, even me), and can really benefit this improved user experience, thanks to the speeded-up registration process, and the one-click login. We think it will also help people outside graffiti, all the persons who are not enough “fans” to create an account and all, to be able to interact, even for one or two times, and that connecting that easily will help them to come back more often and share their thoughts with everyone.

We won’t stress that enough, but if you want the most secure and privacy-compliant experience, always use the 100% FatCap registration, and log-in using your email and password. We store extremely minimal data, and interact with strictly no-one, and we never will.

Technical considerations: We are one of the first website to implement this new authentification scheme with facebook. We decided to do so because it’s built on top of oAuth 2.0, an open-source authentication technology based on SSL to secure signatures and authenticate a user in a fully secured way.

The “like” button

We also implemented one of the “social plugin” introduced by Facebook late Apr 2010. It’s the “like button”. It enables any reader to “like” any article, picture, or video in the website. It also let you see your FB friends who already liked it. We think the “Liking” is a good alternative to comments, especially for lazy users (no offense, I’m probably the king of laziness). And using the Facebook thing makes it easier to share the article with your network, and brings more value than if we implemented an in-house liking system (which was on the works by the way). Reg. privcacy, you have to know that you might see the name of your friends, but that we do not have any of that data on our servers. All the “liking” process is 100% on Facebook servers.

To conclude, we think the recent direction taken by Facebook is a major breakthrough in the way A/ the information will be shared (liked instead of linked), and B/ the way users interact into the WWW. By mixing the technology they offer, and our strong existing layer (already optimised for maximizing security and privacy), we’ve come to a very stable system that will let users have a much better daily experience on FatCap.

We would be happy to read your thoughts, and your suggestions.

Syd & Vince

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Coming soon: Tumblr Sync

Tumblr and FatCap

FatCap is a constant work in progress. Since the release, we have made 5 silent releases, all made with the purpose of improving speed and quality. On the matter of speed, we will make a final release next week, with tons of little improvements and rewrites that will help make the whole website a LOT faster.

But the little bonus that you will probably like to hear of, is that we plan to release the automatic synchronisation with Tumblr accounts right after the holidays. Yes, I’m talking synchronisation, and not import like for Flickr, because the system will be entirely automatic.

#0 You add your Tumblr adress (http://{you} in the “Edit your profile” page
#1 You add pictures normally in your Tumblr, as you would usually do
#2 You tag them “graffiti”
#3 You have deserved some rest. Go take a nap while the magic happens ;)
#4 You have all your pictures automatically imported and ready for tagging. (you will receive a notification when the robots import some pictures)

If you’re anything like us, you probably already love Tumblr (and if you don’t, chances are that you will). It’s a fast, efficient and modern service, that lets you post all kinds of content, like pictures, videos, regular text, links, etc… Speaking of videos, we will also enable the automatic import of videos added in your Tumblr account if we see a significant activity on it.

In the meantime, don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and tell us how we could make the website better for you.


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OCT 20 2009  Category: Street Geek by syd

Apple Magic Mouse

I won’t lie, I’m a big fan of technology. And as a technology freak, I love Mac products. And, as an unix-freak, not (only) for the marketing. FatCap was entirely developed on Mac computers, although tested on all the plateforms and browsers available on earth. Here’s the latest mouse the Cupertino-based company released. It’s a mouse with the same touch technology that you have on your iPhone and iPod Touch. You can swipe, you can pinch. All wireless (bluetooth). And, of course, it’s pretty.





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OCT 15 2009  Category: Behind the scenes by syd

We are rolling !

Sk8r Boi

The new version has been up for one week now, and things are going great, thanks to you. We have awesome interviews in the pipe, loads of news to share with you, and our poor dev team doesn’t have a day off and keeps preparing surprises for our dear artists and readers.

Next week we’ll be keeping rolling, with new articles on the blog about photo import from Flickr, and our first minor release since last week, correcting a number of things, that will make everything go even smoother. Stay tuned!

(image via heyokay)

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