MAR 30 2011  Category: Behind the scenes, FatCap News by jacqui

The Growing Fatcap Family

Hi all! Jacqui here. I’m the new editorial assistant working with the FatCap team on the US side of the Atlantic. Recently, we’ve been working to bring over more French content to our English site. With the help of the entire FatCap team from both continents, I translate some awesome articles and artist interviews originally published in French so that they’re available to our English readers. Hopefully you caught some of these newly published articles such as:

Keep your eyes out for even more new stuff coming up featuring artists and graffiti from Asia.

Also in the works are interviews with some of the fabulous female artists of the collective Younity. We’ve already gotten a taste of what The Younity has to offer in talking with funky fresh female writer Shiro. It’s amazing how she manages to balance her passion for caring for others by being a nurse and her activeness in the global graffiti scene.

Younity artists aren’t the only ones we’ve got our eyes on: also on the drawing board are interviews from Portugal and even from right here in my Los Angeles backyard. That’s not to mention all the new articles featuring interviews, photos, and videos from around the world that we come out with every week. Get highlights of the most recent content directly to your inbox from our newsletter. You can sign up directly on our Facebook page. Be sure not to miss out on what’s coming up!

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